Why Do Gamers Have 3 Monitors? The Ultimate Guide 2022

You may have seen a triple monitor setup when you watch your favorite gamer making vlogs or showing up his rig often. Have you ever wondered why pro gamers always use a multiple monitor setup with their gaming rig? Well, the answer is convenience, and that’s extensively true to everything the gamers do. There are tons of advantages of getting a triple monitor setup if you’re a gamer or planning to get into serious gaming.

However, different games perform differently with triple monitor setups, especially FPS gaming and racing games. There are a ton of things to know if you’re planning to get a triple or dual monitor setup. You also have to know the right procedure to set things up properly. Stick to the article to know why do gamers have 3 monitors and how you can also get your first triple monitor setup done properly.

Why Do Gamers Have 3 Monitors?

Almost every pro gamer has a triple monitor setup, sometimes even more screens into the rig. Here are the reasons why do gamers have 3 monitors in their setups and what purposes these monitors serve:



Most of the pro gamers do streaming on twitch, youtube, Facebook gaming, and other platforms. Therefore, they need to keep an eye on the live comment feed, which requires a separate monitor. Another monitor is necessary to watch the live streaming to ensure the quality of the steam and its smoothness. Altogether, the pro gamers must have 3 monitors to game, stream, and live commentaries and reply to the watchers simultaneously. All these monitors make the gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable for both the gamer and his/her viewers online.

Surrounded viewing experience

Although you know every corner of your favorite game, if you’re playing it on a single monitor, you’re missing out on the incredible viewing experience. You’ll notice a dramatic change in the view when you play the same game in a triple monitor setup. It will get you a surrounded 360° viewing experience from every angle when you’re gaming. With that viewing angle, you can focus on the game and profoundly concentrate on the small details to increase your gaming experience.

Creative workers

Gamers and productive workaholics, especially video editors, often need a very long video feed to keep monitoring. Three monitor setups with a computer make the process more transitional and make the process smoother. If you’re a creative person with a lot of big rendering projects on hand, you should consider getting a triple monitor setup for the best output. You can have a full view of the media feed under the rendering section of your editing software.


If you’re working on a collaboration with multiple people, you must have a dedicated display to show your outputs. You’ll work on the primary display and keep tracking of the others from the other monitor. The number of monitors will depend on the amount of pressure at work or how much resources and media you’re sharing between you.

Research and referencing

Research on computers needs a ton of separate works opened simultaneously, requiring more space to show up. Multiple monitors can help the developers and researchers to research on a dedicated monitor. They can do the referencing and primary documentation on the primary monitor. It enables the researchers to do more in less time and keep the quality of work higher and organize it more efficiently.


If you have a job where you have to compare products or services, you want to have dedicated monitors for each. When gamers and productive people use multiple monitors to compare their products or to test different games and services, the multiple monitor setup comes in handy. Eventually, the multiple monitor setup helps them to increase production quality and increase productivity.

How To Set Up Triple Monitors For Gaming?

Using a 3 monitor setup or more can help you do more with less effort; thus, you must know how to set it up on your desk. Here are the steps for you to follow if you’re setting up a new 3-monitor setup:

Check on your GPU

The monitors depend altogether on the GPU of your PC, which you have to select properly. If you already have a GPU, check if it’s compatible with the total resolution of three monitors. Check how many ports it has; if it has only one HDMI port, you can get a splitter for 3 monitors.

Select the right monitors

Don’t make the mistake of selecting different models of the 3 monitors and select the same model with the same screen size. It will help you get the right resolution, proper color accuracy, and the right transition. Get them on your desk and set them up correctly, keeping the eye level perfect.

Configure them

After getting the monitors and setting them up on the desk, it’s time to configure them on your PC. Go to your Control panel, device manager, display setting, and click on detect monitors. It will detect them and configure them as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about setting up triple monitor setups that you might find interesting for your next rig:

Does having 3 monitors affect performance?

The performance is really all about the processing power of the PC you’re running on. A regular PC with a single or multiple monitor setup can get you to lower FPS if there is a background app running.

Can you run 3 monitors on one graphics card?

Yes, you can run 3 monitors on a single graphics card if you’re running on a powerful and capable GPU. It’s best to have an SLI GPU setup if you need intense processing power for gaming.

Do multiple monitors affect the CPU?

Multiple monitors shouldn’t affect the CPU at all, especially because the monitors depend on the GPU of the PC. It will affect the Graphics of your PC if it’s running on a shared GPU.

Final Thought

Gaming or working with multiple monitors come with huge quality differences because they serve wider purposes. You can see more with multiple monitors; thus, you do more whether you’re gaming or working. Streaming, gaming, and commencing altogether is the dream steam should have, and that’s why do gamers have 3 monitors most of the time.

If you’re planning on gaming more efficiently and stream at the same time, you should consider getting 3 monitor setup as well. The same goes for productive people; you will boost your productivity if you use 3 monitors.

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