Choose The One For You: Types Of Gaming Chairs

Like everything else, we also require entertainment in our lives. Gaming can be an amazing way to keep ourselves entertained. Whether you are a gamer or not, you may have a minimal idea about gaming chairs.

But did you also know that there are different types of gaming chairs? Most gaming chairs look almost like an office chair, but it’s deeper and has various additional features. They come with varying ranges of price and features. Knowing about everything will help you make a better decision.

What Is A Gaming Chair Used For

Generally, gaming chairs are made for the comfort of gamers. They may look like regular office chairs, but actually, they differ from one another. Gaming chairs usually have a high backrest that supports the upper portion of the back and your shoulders. Some gaming chairs also have a facility to get customized. In most cases, the back, armrests, headrest, and lumbar support can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Types Of Gaming Chairs

People have different requirements for the things they want; the same goes for the case of gaming chairs. Various chairs come in various facilities. So their types vary.

Here are a few types of gaming chair that you may like to know about:

1. PC Gaming Chair

PC Gaming Chair

PC gaming chairs are one of the most common gaming chairs. PC gaming chairs resemble racing car seats. They are made to offer you a higher level of comfort and endurance. PC gaming chairs have seat castors, recline and height adjustments. It also offers easier movement and rotation for the gamer.

2. Racer Gaming Chair

Racer Gaming Chair

Racer gaming chairs are usually very long-lasting and durable. The core material that is used in making these types of chairs are genuine leather or PVC leather. Using this chair will help you stimulate the real racing environment quite well. It also promotes a good sitting posture.

3. Rocker Gaming Chair

Rocker Gaming Chair

Gaming can be considered more fun when you can sit more closely on the floor.  Rocker chairs are simple and come with basic features. They have headrests and backrest that are well cushioned. Rocker chairs are customisable for diverse gamers. Adjusting is easy through tilting and reclining.

4. Pedestal Gaming Chair

Pedestal Gaming Chair

Pedestal gaming chairs bring a swivel, a rocker, and a recliner together. It is almost like a recliner; you can tilt or lounge it according to your preference. This type of chair features cushions on the armrest, backrest and headrest. Depending on your requirements, additional features can be included.

5. Beanbag Gaming Chair

Beanbag Gaming Chair

Beanbag gaming chairs are all about the comfort of the user. It offers flexibility along with being lightweight, so this can be a great option for gamers. These chairs don’t usually come with armrests, headrest, backrest, or lumbar support. This also adds a fashionable look to your gaming station.

6. Hybrid Gaming Chair

Hybrid gaming chairs are mostly customizable for those who can afford them. Hybrid gaming chairs are the best examples of two different chairs. They are versatile and can be considered as a combination of various advantages.         

Are Gaming Chairs Healthy?

Healthy Gaming Chairs

Not just gaming chairs are comfortable, but they can also have many health benefits. Wondering how? Well, to know that, you need to read further.

So are gaming chairs healthy? Here are some health benefits of using a gaming chair:

Posture support:

Posture is very important for every individual. Gaming chairs help in improving your posture. It helps reduce the stress on the muscles and joints. It also helps in boosting blood circulation and oxygen. You can adjust the chair according to your height. The chair helps you get a straight spine and sends more oxygen into your bloodstream.

Back support:

The gaming chairs also offer you back support along with posture support. Most chairs are made with extra soft cushions for better comfort. This allows a gamer to sit comfortably for a long time. If you do not have a chair that supports your back well, you may face various chronic back problems over time.  So, using a properly cushioned gaming chair is a must when it comes to supporting your back.

Neck support:

Not all chairs are tall enough to support your back,  so what to do? Choose gaming chairs. A properly designed gaming chair tends to provide enough support to your neck and back. Also, you will not strain your neck while you’re playing. Holding up your neck, sitting in a regular chair may cause various issues over time. So, to support your back and neck, choose the right type of gaming chair for you.

Removes fatigue:

Many of you may not know this, but sitting improperly may cause fatigue. Most regular chairs do not support your back, neck or lumbar. This tends to wear your body down and make you feel weak. You may experience fatigue after a long period of gaming. Gaming chairs are designed to support and provide you with comfort.


Well, well, it’s time to wrap things up. By this point, you may have figured out the types of gaming chairs available. This is all the information that we could provide you on the above-mentioned topic. We hope you have found this article helpful enough.

You may have also known the benefits of using a gaming chair. Although it has many benefits, we would never recommend you to spend your entire day gaming because it may cause various health issues and also may cause damage to your eyes. But if you have chosen gaming as your profession, be sure to take care of your neck, lumbar and back. Entertainment is important, but health is vital.

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