Best 4 Staples Gaming Chair Review in 2022

Don’t you think playing video games on a regular chair means compromising your health? Well, it doesn’t have to! You will suffer from backache, headache, shoulder pain, and much more. So, why compromise when you have the option to buy a high-quality and comfortable gaming chair? Such gaming chairs help improve your physical well-being, posture, and, ultimately, gaming experience.

Staples is a well-known brand in the market manufacturing gaming chair to provide the gamers utmost comfort as they play for long hours. You won’t be spending a fortune to buy the gaming chair when you buy the best gaming chair from Staples. If you are looking for Gaming Chair under 300, read along with the best Staples Gaming Chair Review in this article.

About This Brand

Staples is helping the industry deliver numerous products with the mission to expand their product assortment and make shopping more accessible for the customer. With the tagline of “Ready Set and Game on,” the company is inspired by chairs from Formula1 and incorporated the aesthetics into their gaming chair. From there, it begins to bloom and now support all business of various sizes from Fortune 100 to solo entrepreneurs.

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Best 4 Staples Gaming Chair Review in 2022 1

Staples 24326200 Vartan Gaming Chair Blue

Best 4 Staples Gaming Chair Review in 2022 2

Staples 2710774 Gaming Chair Black and Red

Best 4 Staples Gaming Chair Review in 2022 3

Staples 2829477 Gaming Chair Black and Grey

Best 4 Staples Gaming Chair Review in 2022 4

Staples Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Staples Gaming Chair Review in 2022

It’s overwhelming to find a chair that offers comfort as well as suits your gaming style. Therefore, we have selected and provided you with the four best Staples Gaming Chair Reviews below.

Staples Gaming Chair Review

1. Staples 24326200 Vartan Gaming Chair Blue

Staples 24326200 Vartan Gaming Chair Blue

The mission and idea behind Staples Vartan Gaming Chair are just like other gaming chairs that is to create an ergonomic and comfortable chair. This way, gamers can enjoy gaming for hours without pains, aches, or fatigue.

With the adjustable height of the seat, you can easily adjust the legroom and posture. Moreover, you can recline and tilt the chair backward for additional comfort. The chair enables you to recline and relax between 85-145 degrees. You can peacefully sleep on this chair.

Comes with adjustable armrests; you can adjust it left, right, down, and up. There is a knob in the front from which you can change the tension as you tilt forward and backward. What else? Staples Gaming Chair Blue has a durable plastic base that comes with muted wheels.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

The target audience for the chair that those who spend maximum time on gaming as a profession or hobby. Nevertheless, in Staples Vartan review, we find this gaming chair suitable for office use. Also, the chair is easy to assemble and use by anyone.

Why Do We Love it?
  • Comfortable lumbar and head support
  • Tilting and Reclining features
  • Backed with seven years of Staples Gaming Chair warranty
  • Adjustable armrests, tilting, and seat height
What Should Improve?
  • Does not have a Swivel feature
  • Slightly expensive

2. Staples 2710774 Gaming Chair Black and Red

Staples 2710774 Gaming Chair Black and Red

If you want a combination of classy design and comfort in one chair, you should definitely consider Staples Gaming Chair Black and Red. The chair is equipped with red and black faux leather that is highly durable and long-lasting. Along with that, it has color-contrasting red and black stitched color blocks.

The gaming chair comes with adjustable flip-up arms with which you can easily get out and get in the chair seamlessly. Just by looking at the chair, it offers a robust and comfortable feel. After a tiresome gaming session, you can easily relax on this chair.

With 22″ X 18.6″X 17.9-21.6″ dimensions of the seat, it offers complete comfort to anyone who wants to sit on the chair for hours. Additionally, the chair comes with all the necessary Staples Gaming Chair Replacement parts, assembly tools, and instructions that are easy to follow.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

The gaming chair is designed for dedicated professional or hobby gamers. However, the color combination and aesthetics don’t feel out of place if you use the chair in your office. So, it’s not only designed for gamers but can be used for multiple purposes.

Why Do We Love it?
  • Attractive color combination
  • Flip-up adjustable armrests
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for both office and gaming purposes
What Should Improve?
  • No recline options
  • Somewhat thin seat cushion

3. Staples 2829477 Gaming Chair Black and Grey

Staples 2829477 Gaming Chair Black and Grey

The Staples Black and Gray Gaming Chair boast comfort and convenience even if you play on this chair the whole day. The chair is broad enough to support your different body physique. With a 22 inch wide seat, you can comfortably sit for hours without any fatigue or physical pains.

The color combination will complement any interior. Furthermore, the overall appearance provides an elegant and flexible feel of leather within your budget. The ergonomic seat contours and padding help to maintain your body posture.

Come with a flip-up armrest; they are also adjustable as per your comfort. Also, the flip-up armrests enable you to bring the chair towards the desk to complete any detailed task. Or you can store it anywhere to save space.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

The Black and Gray gaming chair is one such budget-oriented gaming and office chair. It is both polished and comfortable enough for an office or home setting. The height and width of the seat allow anyone with different body patterns to sit conveniently and complete their tasks.

Why Do We Love it?
  • Equipped with black and gray durable faux leather
  • Complement any interior setting
  • Comes with adjustable flip-up armrests
  • Sufficient padding and ergonomically designed chair for comfort
What Should Improve?
  • Should have more recline options
  • Wheels should be more durable

4. Staples Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Staples Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

It’s time to give your game station a whole new transformation with this gaming chair. With color-contrasting details, the gaming chair offers a contemporary look. Additionally, the plush cushions provide support and comfort during your gaming marathon.

The chair comes with adjustable flip-up arms and a padded headrest that enable you to conveniently sit and get out of the chair. Moreover, the chair is equipped with an in-built lumbar for utmost comfort to power you with continuous energy throughout the day.

Ergonomically designed, the chair offers a tilt lock, tilt tension, and adjustable height to adjust the comfort as per your needs. Furthermore, it is equipped with a five-star base and rolling casters to easily move the chair around. When it comes to Staples Gaming Chair assembly, the chair is easy to set up and use.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

Your intense gaming sessions are not worth it if you end up having backache and neck pain at the end. Therefore, the Staples Bonded leather Gaming Chair is your ideal chair for long gaming sessions. Moreover, as with other chairs in the Staples Gaming Chair Review, you can use it as an office chair.

Why Do We Love it?
  • Exceeds and meet BIFMA/ANSI standards
  • Can hold 275 pounds of weight capacity
  • Comes with seat height adjustment and lumbar support
  • Backed with seven years of Staples gaming chair warranty
What Should Improve?
  • Should have swivel options
  • Wheels will not last for a long time

How to Adjust and How to Sit in a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is only good when it fulfills the purpose for which it is made and used. You should adjust it as per your comfort and function correctly. Therefore, you need to find the right size of chair to correct your posture.

How to Adjust and How to Sit in a Gaming Chair

If you find your chair with the right size, then you should do the following:

  • Adjust the desk height: keep the forearms and armrests at 90 degrees angle and hands in the same line as the desk surface.
  • Adjust the height of the armrest: Do not lift your shoulders and keep your arms relaxed
  • Adjust the lumbar support and backrest.
  • Adjusting the seat height: Knees should form a right angle while feet lie flat on the ground.

Adjusting and Sitting on a Gaming Chair:

The adjustment of a gaming chair depends highly on the body dimensions of an individual. To enjoy the best comfort, you should focus on adjusting the backrest, armrest, tilt, and seat depth and height of the chair.

Adjusting the Back Tilt and Backrest:

You should adjust the lumbar support in a way such that the lumbar cushion provides comfort to your lower back.

Next, you need to adjust the back tilt to help you sit in a straight position. The backrest will provide a slight pressure to your backbone so that your head is in line above the pelvis.

Adjusting the Seat Height:

The chair height is measured through the lower leg length. Your feet lie flat on the ground where your lower and upper leg make more than a 90-degree angle from the knee. The angle can be larger as per the comfort. You can make a larger angle by forming a sloping line from the thigh towards your knee.

Adjusting the Seat Height

Importantly, your feet should make contact with the ground. Also, your thighs and upper body should not make less than a right angle as you take support from the backrest. If your chair is set too high or too low, it can cause strains in the back, back pain, and undesirable muscle tension.

Seat Depth and Tilt Adjustment:

The seat depth is measure with your thigh length. There should be a space for four fingers between the calf and seat edge, and your back and pelvis should have support from the backrest.

The seat tilt adjustment enables you to tilt the seat pan forward. This way, you will move your pelvis forward and encourage better sitting postures.


To relieve pain or weight from your upper back, neck, and shoulder, armrests are crucial in a gaming chair. When proper adjustment, you can relax your arms without the need to lift your shoulders.

Some gaming chairs come with sideways adjustable armchairs. You can adjust them as per your shoulder width for more comfort and support.

Screen Positioning and Desk Height:

You should adjust the desk height and screen to a position that won’t affect your eyes, neck, and shoulders.

  • Screen Height: The screen should be at your eye level to reduce strain on neck and shoulder areas.
  • Desk Height: Adjust the desk height to make a right angle with your lower and upper arms. Also, lay your forearms on the table horizontally.

How to Sit Ergonomically with a Gaming Chair at the Desk?

Not just your chair, but you need to adjust the monitor and desk as well for comfortable sitting.

How to Sit Ergonomically with a Gaming Chair at the Desk?

  • Place the mouse and keyboard at one hand distance from the desk edge.
  • The monitor should be placed in the same line as the visual axis while maintaining an arm’s length distance between the eyes and monitor.
  • The desk height should be in line with the armrest to easily rest your arms on the table as well as armrests.

Even after adjusting the chair and workplace, you need to take regular breaks. It is essential to stretch and move frequently to prevent health problems from occurring due to long hours of sitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

After carefully reading the Staples Gaming chair review, you must have some questions in mind. Let’s clear all your doubts in this FAQ section.

Are Staples Gaming Chairs good?

Yes, the Staple Gaming Chair provides exceptional comfort and support to your back. Moreover, they are available at very reasonable prices.

Are Gaming Chairs bad for posture?

No, the gaming chairs are designed to provide you with complete back support and correct your posture. Whether you are sitting for a more extended period or few hours, the gaming chairs help to strengthen your muscles.

Are Gaming Chairs worth the money?

If you want to support your back with backrest and lumbar support and enjoy long sitting sessions without fatigue, gaming chairs are worth the money.

Are Gaming Chairs overrated?

Yes, because there are so many brands in the market that try to copy the original piece but end up selling unauthentic chairs. Also, some chair includes too much ergonomics that take away the purpose of a gaming chair.

Are Gaming Chairs really ergonomic?

Yes, they include ergonomic features like adjustable seats, armrests, and backrest to support the body as you sit. This way, your muscles won’t feel the strain while sitting and playing.

Final Thoughts

Gaming Chair is the heart and soul of a gamer. The chairs provide their total support to help the gamer win the game. From our Staples Gaming Chairs Review, the winner is Staples Bonded Leather Gaming Chair. The chair offers exceptional tilt options and lumbar support. Also, it can handle about 275 pounds of weight capacity.

This is it; you can also try out other options and purchase the one that meets your requirements.

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