How to Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better?

Gamer is not a simple word now. 2.7 billion gamers are out there  in this world who have taken gaming as a job. For them, a proper gaming setup is like a dream come true. However, gaming setup was once for stylish ones only but now everyone likes to have their own gaming setup.

If you already have one, then how to make your gaming setup look better? Well, it depends on your personal preference, idea and budget. Here you will get a common upgrade idea about a simple but smart gaming setup. You can add or subtract from these ideas to have a unique design from all.

How to Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better? (Step by Step Guide)

Without a proper game setup, your gaming experience will not get properly focused. It is obvious that a good setup will boost your mind and energy to focus on your gaming career.

How to Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better

Proper Room:

Pick the best room for your game setup. Make sure your room is ventilated enough or else your setup will face heat up issues after use.

Light Setup:

A simple LED strip will bring a nice glow with style to your room. Try to get the multicolor strip, it will give a rainbow-like effect in your gaming zone.

Right Gaming Desk:

You will need an ergonomic and sturdy desk for your gaming setup. Pick the one that comes with perfect height and adjustable settings.

Gaming Monitor:

There are different monitors you can use, but it is better to pick a gaming monitor. The gaming one comes with a higher resolution with refresh rates.  For this, the image quality comes sharp and smooth.

Gaming Chair:

When you are thinking of getting a chair, there should be no choice rather than the gaming chair. The chair is important because it will work for your proper sitting posture. On this chair, you have to spend hours with proper back support.

Right Mouse and Keyboard:

To operate a gaming computer, you have to use a good wireless keyboard and mouse. Make sure they are comfortable to use because your hands will be on them for hours while playing.


You require a headset with a microphone to take your gaming to the next level. A good headset will be good support for you especially when you are streaming online or playing with your teammates.

Sound system:

If you do not want to use a headset, then invest in the best sound system with a microphone. So when you are playing, your neighbors will know they have the best gamer right next door.

Hardware Parts

For a gaming pc, you will need powerful hardware parts like:

Hardware Parts

CPU: it is the processor that helps the computer to work properly. Attach a CPU cooler that will prevent the processor from getting hot after excessive work.

RAM: you need to invest in the memory because it will keep all your work and information stored.

Motherboard: this is the main part where all the parts stay connected. The type of motherboard will help your computer system work smoothly.

Graphics card: to get excellent image quality with better graphics, you will need a good graphics card.

Power Supply: get the best power supply for your computer because all parts require smooth power to run.

Fans: attach enough cooling fans to help the system run smoothly.

Storage: if possible, get HDD and SSD in your system. it will increase your computer system’s speed and memory.

Case: get the right case that is able to keep all of your parts organized.

Cable Management

Keeping all the cables properly is a big challenge for every desktop user. No matter how you want to keep all the wires organized, they love to stay tangled anyway. To keep your gaming setup neat and clean, get a cable management product. It is worth it.

Cable Management


To enjoy the game on a big screen, consider a projector in your gaming setup list. When you will play your game on the big screen with your online teammates, your play will be hit online.

Compressed Air:

You need this one because your CPU, mouse, keyboard tends to get all the dirt and dust from the environment. The dust makes the parts heat up fast and gradually the parts will stop working. So get the right compressed air to blow away the dirt instantly.


To give a different look in your gaming zone, get some posters of your favorite game or gamers. You can also take the pop up characters of your favorite villain or hero.

For a quick charging option, you can use a USB hub on your desk. You can charge your phone, laptop through that easily.

To keep your headset, get a headset stand on your desk. By this, you can keep your headset in a place smartly.

Wrapping Up

I think this simple guide about how to make your gaming setup look better will work for you if you are confused about this. For a passionate gamer, a proper gaming setup is a must.

Don’t rush while setting up; take time and pick the right parts for your gaming setup. Try to invest in the best products even if they are expensive. In that case, take time and save money. Trust me, it is worth it.

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