How To Make Chair More Comfortable? The Right Way 2022

Needless to say that the people who are accustomed to sitting for a long time, they can experience many physical discomforts if their chairs are not comfortable. But you should not use any cheap quality chair as it may be a hazard to your health. If you’re reading this article, there is a chance that you’re facing problems with your existing chair. We will help you learn how to make chair more comfortable!

So, if it happens and you can’t replace your chair right now, you must know how to make the chair more comfortable? In this article, you’ll find precise solutions to make your chair comfy by detecting your problem. So, keep reading and fix the issue according to your preference.

Why is My Chair So Uncomfortable?

Many of us are undergoing this problem. We feel discomfort with our chairs while sitting on them. There might be some reasons behind it. If you’re sitting for long or even in one position, it will create endless pressure on certain muscles to create this problem. Besides, if your chair doesn’t suit your body, I mean, your height and weight, you’ll also feel the same.

how to make chair more comfortable

Also, if you have back pain and your chair doesn’t support your back properly, then your chair seems to be uncomfortable. Sometimes, we also find that the keyboard isn’t placed correctly, which doesn’t let you type in from your comfort position. It leads you to discomfort, either.

How to Make Chair More Comfortable?

If you’re here, the chances are high that you’re facing a bad experience with your chair. If you’re stuck with your chair, you have options to make it more comfortable. By making some adjustments to your chair, you can have better comfort than before. Let’s start the journey.

Adjust the Height

Before using your chair, check the alignment of it. It might be misaligned for regular uses. If it is so, you need to adjust your chair’s height where your two feet are vertical on the ground making a 90-degree angle with your knees. You should be concerned about the side effect of an improperly positioned chair. If your feet dangle off the floor due to a high positioned chair, there will be a poor blood circulation in your feet, and you’ll also feel numbness and discomfort, as well.

On the contrary, if your chair is too low, your knees are found above the hips, increasing pressure on your hip joints. At this point, you will catch back pain, which is uncomfortable to concentrate on your work. So, you should adjust the height of your chair according to your preference to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Use an External Lumbar Pillow

When you feel uncomfortable with your chair, but you can’t find the proper reason, there is a good chance that the lumbar support is the culprit. You know, some chairs lack lumbar support or somewhere they’re fixed. On that point, you need to compromise with it to maintain a fixed position to get the lower back support. Now, the question comes out of what the solution is!

An external lumbar pillow can be the ultimate solution to get rid of this problem. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have it, and they are also portable, which will make your uncomfortable chair a high-end ergonomic chair. In this way, you will get proper back support and can avoid irritating back pain. So, why not are you investing in a lumbar pillow to have the best results?

Seat Cushion

The seat of your chair is another reason for discomfort. It should have enough padding for distributing your weight evenly. But your seat may lack proper contours, or it may be too firm or too thin to provide comfort. You can also avoid this problem having a seat cushion simply like with a lumbar pillow.

If you do so, you can feel comfortable when you sit. You’ll find various seat cushions that have raised the center and cut out at the back. These types of cushions will make stable your pelvis while relieving pressure in the coccyx. The people who have hip pains, sciatica, herniated discs problems, these seat cushions will relieve them from that discomfort. Moreover, these seat cushions may beat other high-end ergonomic seats.

Armrest pads

Why not give a try to the armrest pads if you feel uncomfortable with your chair? An ordinary chair comes with plastic armrest pads or maybe short of providing adequate support to your forearms. So, it’s really uncomfortable while our hands, including arms, carry 10% of our body weight. Are you surprised? So, you shouldn’t ignore that weight and try to give comfort to your hands.

You’ll find many types of armrest pads available. You should go with those armrests that can cover the previous armrests for making them more elongated to support your forearms. Above all, a set of good armrests pads can immediately make your uncomfortable armrests to premium features.

An Extra Footrest

We often make a mistake by thinking that our chair is the main culprit for our discomfort. But, sometimes, the problem is found somewhere else. In this regard, your feet may be the prime suspect for the discomfort. You should not hang them while sitting and working. If it happens, you may experience a bad posture and numbness and improper blood circulation at your feet, which won’t let you concentrate on your work properly.

So, a footrest can be a sigh of relief in this regard. It can eliminate any fatigue from your feet, and you’ll find more comfortable sitting for long. However, the lumbar support pillow and a footrest can be a great addition to your chair for more comfort, proper blood circulation, and correct posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve already got the ideas on how to adjust your chair to make it more comfortable. Here, we’ve also included some frequent questions that people ask.

Is sitting worse than lying down?

Sitting for long has a bad effect on our body if you don’t have proper sitting options. But lying down would be better for our posture, but the static laziness can result in both sitting and lying down.

How long can you sit in an office chair?

Everybody knows that sitting for all day can create a lot of problems with your health. According to experts’ opinions, we should stand every 30 minutes to take a break to get health benefits.

Is sitting cross legged bad?

People are familiar with this position while sitting on a chair. But the statistics show that cross-legs sitting position for a long time can raise blood pressure, nerve damage, and varicose veins.

Final Thoughts

An uncomfortable chair is a source of different types of problems. If you don’t have an ergonomic chair, you’ll find yourself with those hazardous issues. But, in the meantime, we’ve provided some really cool tips, and you can make some adjustments to your chair for making it comfortable.

Our target was to make a proper explanation on how to make the chair comfortable, Right? Hopefully, you’ve got the ideas on them and can make a precise decision to get rid of this discomfort. Moreover, you can take breaks after each hour and walk around for a couple of minutes. It’ll also help you.

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