How To Fix A Broken Gaming Chair?

Buying a new gaming chair after damaging the previous one is not the right solution. You can repair a broken chair if you want to. So, today our focus will be on “How to fix a broken gaming chair” throughout the article.

Talking about fixing broken chairs is not so hard. There are methods of improving a broken gaming chair which we will discuss in this article. Moreover, we will be talking about the tools that are necessary to fix a broken chair.

Besides, you will be able to know about the particular region that often breaks down. It will be easier for you to take safety measures to prevent those common areas from breaking down. Go through the article to know some tips and tricks.

Required Tools for Fixing Your Gaming Chair

How To Fix A Broken Gaming Chair

You should always keep the necessary tools for your gaming chair. It will help you to replace the immediately broken part. Most of the time, the gas cylinder shaft leaks out after long-term use. So, to open the clip and refill the shaft with hydraulic gas, required tools become handy.

The individual parts of a gaming chair are available in the market. You just need to tell the model number and the brand of your gaming chair. The materials of a gaming chair will help you the most when you replace a broken part. You can choose the Gaming chair for Heavy Person. It doesn’t matter if the person is heavier or smaller,, you need some tools to fix your gaming chair.

Following are the required tools that you need for replacing broken parts of your gaming chair. These tools are available on any online e-commerce website like Amazon. So, don’t bother about the parts.

  • Needles Nose Pliers
  • Pipe wrench
  • Pry bar
  • Rubber mallet

To pull off the spring clip and take out the pedestal of your gaming chair, you need the Needle Nose Pliers. It helps you to replace the hydraulic cylinder of your gaming chair. The cost of a new cylinder is about 40 dollars. You can grab it from an online e-commerce store like Amazon.

In case your caster wheel does not rotate and scratches the surface, you need to replace it. You can take off a caster wheel using a flat bar. Make sure to use the proper measured flat bar that goes with the wheel’s dimension.

After inserting your caster wheel into the socket, use the rubber wallet to set the new wheel to your gaming chair. Make sure to give monthly oil care to those wheels. It will prevent your wheels from getting friction.

You should also keep the replacement parts of your gaming chair. The following are the major replacement items that you will need the most.

How To Fix A Broken Gaming Chair

  • New wheels
  • Hydraulic gas cylinder
  • Rust discerning
  • Cleaner machine

So, you should always carry those tools for fixing the broken parts immediately. Make sure to buy the replacement parts. You can also get those from Amazon. The cost of the tools and the items are not that much expensive.

It is better to fix your gaming chair for small issues at home. Lifting a heavy chair to the repair shop will take away all of your energy. So, it’s better to purchase the tools and materials at the beginning.

How To Fix A Broken Gaming Chair

How To Fix chair

The damage to your gaming chair may happen internally or externally. There are lots of techniques in fixing a broken chair. Below we will follow one of the techniques that will be quite easier for the user to fix from home.

Step 1:

Look for the damaged areas before working out. Locating the broken region will give you the knowledge of gathering all the tools and materials for the replacement. There can be an internal break of the frame that you can’t observe from the outside.

Step 2:

You can purchase lubricant from the store for the slow and noisy movement of the rotating and inclining area. Using lubricant in those regions will give a noiseless and flexible movement to your gaming chair.

Step 3:

You should check the worn sign of the joining regions. If you find out then, you can clean those areas with clean, dry towels. No need to use pricy towels and waste your money. You can use some old dry clothes or torn parts of your old dress to clean the parts.

Step 4:

Most of the problem occurs at the backside of the chair. The issue that you will face is the crack piece on one side of the back. Immediately, go to the chair repair shop to change the backside of your gaming chair.

So, you should follow the basic steps before jumping to replacing the whole chair. Fixing the individual part is easier because you just need to replace them with the new one.

Gaming chairs for heavy person are also available in the market. They face major problems in the inclining zone of the gaming chair. But as we have mentioned, with the required tools and replacement parts, you can easily fix your chair from home.

The Bottom Line

Fixing a broken gaming chair is not that tough if you use the proper tools. Most of the chairs for gaming do not crack easily. Few of the chairs are available where you won’t find suitable parts attached to them. We hope you will learn some techniques of “How to Fix a Broken Gaming Chair” and use it in your need. Before that, you should buy the tools in order to fix the gaming chair..

If you can’t follow the steps properly, don’t bother to fix your gaming chair. It is better to go to the manufacturer instead of damaging the good parts of your broken chair. For replacement of the small parts, it’s better to fix them at home on your own.

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