How to Connect Xrocker to Ps4?

Xrocker is a sort of gaming chair that can be used for playing video games, movies, listening to music, and relaxing. The maximum number of people use this wireless gaming chair mostly for playing games to get the best sound quality. It holds a forward-facing speaker with a strong subwoofer. Besides, Xrocker confers impeccable sound and a wireless control panel.

The majority of users don’t know How to Connect Xrocker to PS4. Connecting Xrocker for PS4 is neither easy nor difficult. But you have to perceive the right way to connect, otherwise, it’ll seem hardened for you to connect. First of all, you have to connect PS4’s audio connection with Xlocker. PS4 contains an HDMI cable for music, video, and digital output for uniting your chair with it. For that, you need to connect it with the TV directly.

Xrocker is one of the most amazing innovative tools that provide exhilarating gaming performance. Whatever, this Context is going to present you step by step guide for connecting the gaming chair with a PS4 popular gaming console.

What is Xrocker?

Xrocker is a renowned brand for gaming chairs, desks, and accessories that have been launched in 2005. This brand first introduced the audio-enabled floor rocking gaming chair in the market. From then it becomes popular and manufactures high-quality products for users that are available everywhere. It manufacture Gaming Chair For Short People as well.

What is Xrocker?

Xrocker gaming chair developed with HD quality audio system starts from stereo audio systems to 4.1 stereo surround sound setups. You’ll get four stereo speakers that provide you excellent audio experience with immense volume action. So, if you haven’t purchase Xrcorker Yet, why are you getting late? Go to the market and bring one for you to get the best gaming experiences.

What You’ll Need to Connect Xrocker to PS4

Before connecting  Xrocker to PS4, you first have to know what things you need to connect. In this segment, you’ll get to know the necessary things that you must possess.

  • to 3.5 mm audio cable
  • 5mm to RCA cable
  • Another shorter 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
  • 5mm longer to RCA cable

All the cables that we mentioned come with your wireless gaming chair when you purchase.

How to Connect Xrocker to PS4

If you don’t know yet How to connect Xrocker to PS4, don’t be frustrated. It is not much difficult that you can’t. In this context, we’ll demonstrate 3 different methods that you can execute to connect your wireless gaming chair Xrocker to the PS4 gaming console. Let’s familiar with the 3 different methods first and we’ll elaborate on those methods individually.

How to Connect Xrocker to PS4

  1. Connect wirelessly Via Transmitter
  2. Connect with RCA audio cables
  3. Connect through an AUX cord

1. Connect Wirelessly [Method 1]

It is contemplated as one of the most simple easy-to-do work. First, your gaming chair needs to be connected to a TV and then connect tv to the Play Station 4. You can enjoy the Wireless gaming features that the Xrocker gaming chair offers.

In that way, the signal comes to the built-in speaker in the gaming chair that a transmitter sends. You’ll get a transmitter with your gaming chair so you needn’t purchase a new one.

To get the complete installation process, track down the below steps properly.

Connect Wirelessly [Method 1]

Step 1: Connect Transmitter to the TV with Audio Cable

Unpack the box that you have got while purchasing your gaming chair. Now take the shorter audio cable with 3.5mm from the given box. You’ll see the 2 green cords on this cable that you have to use to link up the transmitter to the tv.

Interject a green cord into the transmitter’s input jack and another green cord will be inserted into the audio output of the TV. You’ll find several types of audio output on the Tv.

Audio Output: It is compatible with audio cables that you get with your gaming chair.

Analogue Audio Output: This audio output also works with audio cables comes with a gaming chair package

Headphone Jack: Particularly designed for personal use and compatible with an audio cable that comes with the package.

Step 2: Turn the Chair and The Transmitter ON

Power supply is necessary for your transmitter. So, initially ensure that you have inserted batteries connection into the transmitter. Now, connect your gaming console to a power supply through a cable. It’s time to turn the gaming chair and transmitter on.

Finally, inspect whether the gaming chair and the transmitter is working on a similar band frequency. As there are only 3 bands available so this is not much complex. You’ll see a signal to the built-in speaker that their transmitter sends that we have already mentioned.

Step 3: Connect Your TV to Your PS4

On the final stage, take the HDMI cables that come with your new PS4 console and connect it to your TV.  Make sure that the power supply of your PS4 has turned on. Now turn your tv Tv on to the input source and your PS4 will run on. It is one of the simplest steps that anyone can execute to connect the Xrocker gaming chair to PS4.

2. Connect Through RCA Cables [Method 2]

As we already mentioned that, Xrocker gaming chair comes with different cables including, 3.5mm shorter RCA cables, 3.5mm longer RCA cables, and two B3 barrel adapters. With the help of these cables, you’ll be up to connect your excellent Xrocker gaming chair to the TV and then from TV to PS4.

Connect Through RCA Cables [Method 2]

Track down the below steps where we have shown how to connect your Xrocker gaming chair to PS4 with the help of RCA cables.

Step 1: Gather RCA Audio Cables

First of all, assemble the RCA cables by unpacking the box you got with your gaming chair. Now, link two  RCA cables with two B3 Barrel adapter’s help. Link Red cord with the red and white cord with white.

Step 2: Connect The Xrocker Chair To the TV With RCA Cables

Take the RCA cables and insert the green cord of the cables on the TV’s audio output. Connect the opposite cord of the cables to the audio jack on the control panel. Finally, inspect that, both TV and chair are linked to a power supply. Otherwise, this procedure won’t work.

Step 3: Connect Your TV to PS4

This procedure is completely the same that we have already demonstrated in step 3 of Method 1. You can go to the first method and check step number 3 if you have any confusion to execute the step.

3. Connect Through AUX Cord [Method 3]

This is the last and final method that you can apply simply without confronting any difficulties. You’ll be up to connect your Xrocker Gaming Chair with your PS4 controller with ease through AUX Cord. To get detailed procedures, follow the below steps carefully.

Connect Through AUX Cord [Method 3]

Step 1: Connect PS4 to the TV

First, you have to connect your PS4 to the TV. if you don’t perceive connecting PS4 to the TV then, check out our method 1 step 3 where we have illustrated it easily.

Step 2: Connect PS4 Controller to the Gaming Chair Through AUX Cord

Get AUX Cable and insert its one end into the controller and the end to the Xrocker gaming chair’s control panel. Now, ensure that the power supply of your chair has been turned on and enjoy an excellent gaming experience that hasn’t ever.

Things To Remember:

Here, we have enlisted some of the facts that you should remember while connecting PS4 to Xrocker Gaming Chair.

  • Make sure that all the necessary cables comes up with your gaming chair.
  • Don’t change the connection setting between your game console and TV monitor
  • Ensure that you are capturing the sound signal from your game console to your Chair.
  • Avoid using a faulty audio output jack, otherwise, you won’t get a connection.

Final Verdict

For those who were not perceived How to Connect Xrocker to PS4, this context will be helpful. In the above, we have mentioned 3 different installation processes of Xrocker gaming chair to PS4. You can execute any of the methods that will be comparatively convenient for you to apply.

Xrocker gaming is one of the most innovative gears that provides the best gaming experience with HD quality sound with a 4 forward speaker. Besides, it is more comfortable than the other typical chairs. So if your love play games on PS4 than get the Chair and enjoy the best gaming experience.


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