How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair [2021]

Now gaming is not considered as only a form of entertainment; rather, it becomes a way of life. Thus, hardcore gamers do everything possible to make themselves sturdy and comfortable in every gaming session. Gaming chairs have become most popular among gamers because of much comfort and health benefits.

With the help of advanced technology, now people can connect their gaming chairs with the Xbox one. The main issue is connecting the chair with the Xbox; it is a bit harder thing to do. That’s why we will put the process of how to connect xbox one to bluetooth gaming chair.

What Gaming Chairs Are Compatible With Xbox One?

Before opting for a gaming chair, you should consider some factors. Each gaming chair are designed to meet certain needs of the users. There are racer chairs, Bluetooth gaming chairs, which are popular among adults. You can get a gaming chair for kids so that they can also play with ease and comfort. If you want a chair for Xbox, you should know What Gaming Chairs Are Compatible With Xbox One. We will provide some best Xbox one gaming chairs considering your convenience.

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair

  • Vitesse gaming recliner
  • X rocker pro series
  • Playseat challenge
  • GT racing ergo executive chair
  • DXRacer formula series
  • Homall racing high-back gaming chair
  • Brazen serpent
  • Openwheeler GEN2 racing seat gaming chair
  • Killabee leather massage gaming chair
  • Cohesion XP

These chairs come with much comfort, and you will experience proper support while playing. For a long time gaming session, they ensure less body pain and muscle cramps. All these chairs use quality materials, so they will last longer. They can improve your posture without leading to any discomfort for longer gaming sessions.

Well, you will find lots of gaming chairs that are compatible with Xbox. But, you have to make sure they have speakers and a sound system. Chairs with built-in audio systems are mostly designed with a special cable or BlueTooth connection.

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

There are so many gaming chairs suitable for Xbox one. Just find them out and connect them with the Xbox one. We will share 5 methods to learn How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Method 1: Connect Wirelessly a Gaming Chair to Xbox One

The first thing you should do is connect the Xbox One to a TV. You will find the HDMI cable with Xbox one; use this cable for connecting with the TV. Check properly if the console has a power supply or not.

A 3.5mm to 3.5 green ends audio cable comes with a Bluetooth gaming chair. Connect the transmitter to the TV with this cable. Plugin the green end of the cable with the transmitter input jack. Also, connect the opposite end with the TV audio output. There are standard audio output, analog audio output, headphone jack, and optical audio output for TV.

Among them, audio output, and analog audio output are compatible with audio cables. The optical audio output doesn’t go with the audio cables. For that, you require to buy an optical-to-cable adapter to connect with the TV.

You can set up the band by turning on the transmitter and the chair. In this process, you have to connect the Bluetooth gaming chair to the power supply. Confirm the wireless transmitter has installed batteries. Now, turn the power button on to switch the chair and the transmitter on.

From the 1-2-3 bands match the frequency of the chair and the transmitter. It will make sure that the chair is connected accurately with the TV. Thereafter, the wireless transmitter will begin working and transfer audio signals to the chair’s built-in speakers.

Method 2: Set up a wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox One Via RAC Audio Cables

First, find the RAC cables, and the two B3 barrel adapters come with the chair. After that, connect the Xbox to the TV and set up the RAC audio cables. For setting up using the B3 barrel adapters. Then, connect the red to red and white to white RAC cables. After that, connect the chair to the TV via RAC audio cables.

Plug the cables green end with the TV audio output. Plug the opposite end with the control panel’s built-in audio jacks of the chair. Then, check the chair’s connected power supply and turn on the chair.

Method 3: Connect wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox Via Aux Cord

With an aux cord, you can directly plugin Xbox one into the chair. The first step is connecting the Xbox with the TV just like before. Then, make sure the chair has a power supply. At the second step, plug the aux cords one end into the chair’s aux input. Then, connect the other end with the controller.

Method 4: Connect Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox Via an HDMI Converter

2 HDMI cables and an HDMI to audio converter is needed for this process. Plug one end of the cable to the tv and another with the audio converter’s port. Use another HDMI cable end to plug into the Xbox’s HDMI port.

Connect Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox Via an HDMI Converter

Now, Plug the other end into the audio converter’s output port. After that, use the gaming chairs white and red RCA audio cable for connecting to the converter. Then, you can hear the stereo sound from the chair.

Method 5: Connect Bluetooth Gaming Chair to Xbox

You can connect the chair and Xbox One through BlueTooth devices. But, the problem is that Xbox One doesn’t have any installed Bluetooth. Therefore, you should purchase an external BlueTooth device. Before buying this device make sure your TV has a headphone socket. Because through the headphone socket you can connect the Bluetooth to the TV.


To get the best gaming experience, a Bluetooth chair that can connect with your Xbox is the perfect one. This chair can also improve your gaming skills and productivity. You can enjoy music and watch tv with this chair along with playing games.

For your better understanding, we showed How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair. Now you can easily connect your gaming chair with the Xbox following the above steps. Now you can meet up all your criteria by making a connection between your chair and Xbox one.

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