How To Clean A Gaming Chair? (Step By Step Guide)

If you’re a dedicated gamer, you know how important it is to own a gaming chair. A gaming chair makes the long hours of gaming more comfortable than any other type of chair. However, the thing every gaming chair has to consider the most is the price they come with. Every good gaming chair will cut a big chunk off your wallet, so it’s important to get a long lifespan from it.

Good maintenance is important for a longer lifespan, and cleaning is the foremost thing to start caring for. Cleaning a gaming chair is not as easy as dealing with other things because gaming chairs have more complex designs. If you’re wondering how to clean a gaming chair effectively without hurting it, stick to the article. Depending on different types of gaming chair materials, I’ll guide you through the cleaning methods step by step.

Do You Really Need a Gaming Chair?

Sitting behind the desk for long hours is not easy on your body, especially on your back. Long hours of sitting can cause strain, aching, pain, and soreness to your spine, and severely damage your health. The best way to avoid any strain and other health issues is to use a good chair to maintain a good posture. You can avoid strain and soreness sitting on a gaming chair, no matter you’re gaming, working, or chilling out.


Despite the hefty price range for good gaming chairs, they come with much better ergonomic support than regular office chairs. You will get good support for your whole back, neck, and shoulder area to avoid any damage in the long run. Most of the professionals and gamers use these chairs because they need long back support to maintain the natural position of your body.

How to Clean a Gaming Chair? (Step by Step Guide)

Keeping a gaming chair clean is the best way to give it a long lifespan and maintain a great look. As there are different material choices in the gaming chairs, the cleaning and maintenance steps are also different. Here is the step by step process of how to clean a gaming chair without damaging it during the process:

Beware about the type of upholstery

As I mentioned earlier, the cleaning of the gaming chair depends on the type of build material. You have to determine what type of material your gaming chair is made of before cleaning it. Not every material work with the same cleaning process and cleaning tools. Generally, there are four most common types of gaming chairs: PVC leather, PU leather, Fabric, and Mesh. If you cannot determine what type of leather or fabric you’re sitting on, check it out from the manufacturer’s manual. Once you know the type of upholstery you’re cleaning, you can determine how to clean it.

Dust or Vacuum the surface of the chair

You have to start cleaning the chair by getting rid of the excess and overlapping dirt and dust. If the chair’s upholstery is any type of mesh, you have to use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the dirt off the chair. However, if the upholstery is a fabric, you can attach a vacuum head with a brush attachment on the cleaner. It will help the dust come off easier from the narrow channels of the fabric when you’ll rub it and run the vacuum.

Clean the surface with a solution or water

Before you apply any solution or water on the chair, check the chair’s back and see what the care tag has for you. If the tag has the “S” mark on it, it means using a solvent to clean it is okay. If it has the “S/W” mark on it, you can use both water or solvent to clean the chair. Most of the gaming chairs with faux leather will come with a “W” mark to them. It means you’ll use warm water with a little bit of gentle dish soap to the mixture to clean the chair. However, you must beware of the amount of the solvent or water and be sure not to damage the chair. Never rub the surface harsh, don’t use any stiff scrubber; rather, you should use a soft brush.

Removing the stains and stubborn dirt

You’ll have the upholstery almost fully clean after vacuuming, dusting, and wiping the chair’s surface. However, some stubborn dirt or tough stains may remain unaffected after the initial cleaning on the surface. You can clean them by wiping them using a cotton ball and a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Please don’t go too harsh that damages the surface, and don’t use anything but cotton or microfiber cloth to do it. If there is any stain on a place other than the fabric, mesh, or leather surface, you can dip a few drops of alcohol and leave it like that until the dirt comes off.

Wash the base, frame, and the armrests

Once you have the upholstery fully clean, it’s time to clean the other parts of the chair. Start from the top, the armrests; simply grab a cloth or a piece of sponge, mix it with mild detergent, and wipe it. You can use more water and detergent as long as the armrests, the upper frame, and the base of the chair is clean. However, be sure not to use any stiff or steel brush to do the job because that can damage the chair. Take care of the joints and the casters with the same process until the whole unit is clean. Before you complete the cleaning process, be sure to tighten if there is any bolt, nut, or joint is loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about cleaning gaming chairs that you might want to know about:

Are gaming chairs more comfortable?

Yes, Gaming chairs come with more ergonomic designs that ensure better comfort and ease during long sitting periods. They will keep your body in its natural shape and help you fight strain.

Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

No, gaming chairs are great for your back because a gaming chair will align your spine in its natural position. With long periods of sitting, you can avoid soreness if you use a gaming chair.

Can you sleep in a gaming chair?

Yes, most gaming chairs come with over a 180° reclining tilting position, making it perfect for leaning back. You can easily use that as a pillow to rest your head and sleep on the chair.

How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

You can find gaming chairs anywhere between $100 to $1000 or more depending on the quality. However, you can expect a good chair with enough support if you spend about 200-500 USD.

Final Thought

Taking care of your expensive gaming chair can be a daunting job, but the hard work worth it. You can use your favorite chair for a long while if you take care of it regularly. General maintenance for the chair will give you the capability of using it for a long time. If it’s a chair with fabric upholstery, vacuum it once a week to keep it from developing stubborn dirt.

You should clean the chair once a month if it’s a leather chair, and keep it clean every few days by wiping it with a microfiber cloth. Remember, if you know how to clean a gaming chair and care for it, it lasts longer and gives you better service and support.

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