Gtracing Vs Dxracer – The Definitive Guide In 2022

If you’re a gamer, you might are devoted to any peripherals or hardware that can support your body. When selecting a chair as a gamer, there are not many choices for the comfort and support you need. If you’re planning on getting a gaming chair and considering different brands, chances are, you’ve come across gtracing and dxracer.

Both of them are doing a great job in the gamers’ community, especially for prolonged sitting while gaming. Choosing between gtracing vs dxracer can be a daunting job because, for some, the only visible major difference is on the logo! Well, look no further and stick to the article; I’ll get you through the main differences between them to help you decide the right chair for you.

About Gtracing Gaming Chair

GTracing gaming chairs are the best option in the high mid-range budget gaming chairs. The best thing about these chairs is, they come with almost all the supporting functionalities you need from any gaming chair. You will get supportive features like headrest, lumbar pillow, and the ergonomic design that ensures comfort for your body.

The armrests on the gtracing come adjustable, which is a great thing for any gamer for prolonged hours. However, not every gtracing comes with leg support; if you love to lay down a little between gaming sessions, you should check out the gtracing music series.

About Dxracer Gaming Chair

The dxracer gaming chairs are more popular with the high-end budget gamers, especially formula gamers and racers. These chairs come with a higher backrest than the tracer gaming chairs necessary for the tall gamers. The heavy-duty metal frame is one of the most highlighted features of the dxracer gaming chairs.


The ergonomic and sleek design concepts of dxracer attract the most when the gamers walk through them. You will find the dxracer chairs more comfortable with adjustability from every angle from handles to the backrest. They offer higher weight support and often come with a footrest for laying over and resting your foot.

Gtracing Vs Dxracer: The Differences

The best option for a gamer is to go with a chair with proper back and bottom support without strain in the long run. Here are the factors between Gtracing vs Dxracer to help you decide which one you’re going with:

1. Design


The GTRacing gaming chairs fall into the generic design category, where almost any other gaming chair also offers the same. However, what makes them different is, they have low profile design, adjustable and customizable lumber, and head pillows.


As I mentioned earlier, dxracer gaming chairs are more into high-end gamers who don’t want to sacrifice anything. If you’re a tall person and have to sit on the chair for really long hours, you should consider getting a dxracer instead of gtracing. Its higher backrest and greater weight capacity will be helpful for your needs.

2. Dimensions


Although there are many other things to consider, the height of the chair matters for taller gamers. The GTRacing chair is great if you have an average length on your body. These chairs will come with a height of up to 32.5 inches. The backrest is 21.5 inches in the gtracing chairs, which could be a bummer for most tall gamers.


The dxracer gaming chairs surely outperform the gtracing chairs in terms of dimensions, of course, with a higher price range. You’ll get a backrest of 33.25 inches with the dxracer chair, which is higher than gtracing chairs. The dxracer chairs come with 24 inches backrest shoulder, which can easily accommodate a moderately tall 5’8″ person.

3. Features


GTRacing gaming chairs come packed with a bunch of useful features despite their lower prices compared to dxracer. The weight capacity of the gtracing chair is 300 lbs, which are promising for the fellows with a higher weight. The armrests of the chairs are adjustable in a single direction at multiple stages. You’ll get a rocking mechanism, up to 170° backrest angle, and multiple color variants.


The dxracer gaming chairs come with a little more convenience, where it also falls short for weight capacity. The recommended weight capacity of the chair is 275 lbs but accommodate people with a longer height up to 6’3″. It comes with comfortable molded foam, 4D adjustable armrests, and highly adjustable tilt levels with rocking mode.

4. Base


Both the gaming chair brands offer sturdy bases to support a higher weight capacity and a great look. With gtracing chairs, you’ll get a 5-point base that can give you good adjustability for different height requirements. It will come with heavy-duty nylon base casters for smooth-rolling mobility.


With the dxracer chair, you’ll get a class-4 gas lift cylinder with a 27.5″ wide aluminum base supported by 3″ casters. These casters are scratch-resistant and can stand against foreign objects and debris without getting stuck. They are super quiet at 360° edgy mobility with a smooth ride on any surface.

5. Padding


GTRacing gaming chairs have seats with thick paddings along with lumbar pillows and the headrest pillow. The foamed backrest, seat, and thigh support have thick cushioning to support you for long hours of gaming without pain. Most of them have stripes to adjust both the lumbar pillow and the headrest that make the chair more comfortable.


The DXracer also comes with two nylon stripes that you can use to adjust the lumbar and neck or headrest pillow. You can attach the headrest pillow using the holes on the back of the chair or over the gaps as you wish. They come with PU leather construction on the exterior, making it easier for cleaning and water resistance.

Gtracing vs Dxracer: Which is Best for Gamers?

Getting the right chair can be a confusing job when you’re up to choosing the right one between gtracing and dxracer chairs. They both have some promising features and facilities for enthusiast gamers. However, as they differ in price ranges big time, you should know what you need before you spend the bucks.

If you’re a person with an average height of 5′ to 5’10”, and have quite a weight to your body, getting the gtracing chair would be your go-to option. If you need more accomodating space inside the chair, dxracer is the option you need. It will accommodate you if you’re up to 6’3″ tall and 275 lbs of weight easily.

Final Thought

Gaming cannot be a good experience if you don’t have the right support for your back and bottom. That being said, the chair you put your body while gaming has to be the most comfortable place on earth at any cost. When you have to choose the right chair between gtracing vs dxracer, it becomes profoundly confusing.

Both of them are doing great in the market; you have to choose the right one that fits your needs. After getting through the differences, I’ve mentioned and the perspectives I’ve put here, I hope you can now choose the right one.

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