Do Gaming Glasses Really Work? All About Glasses For Gaming 2022

If you’re a regular gamer, chances are your eyes strain a lot and cannot help it but constantly blink while gaming. There is no denying that your screen is the culprit that causes trouble and forces you to struggle with eye strain. The blue light that comes out of your screen can delay your melatonin emission and affect your body’s sleep clock.

However, if you can block that blue light from getting into your eyes, it can surely help you with the strain, which is the primary job of the gaming glasses. If you’re planning on getting a pair of gaming glasses lately, it’s essential to know how do gaming glasses really work in the first place! Stick to the article to know if the gaming glasses are worth the investment, how they really work, and why you should consider getting one.

Do Gaming Glasses Really Work?

Whether you’re using a gaming monitor or a high-end TV, if you’re using it for a prolonged period, you’re going to suffer. That’s where the gaming glasses come into the play. Here are the things that make these glasses uniques, and you would consider getting one for:


Sleep Improvement

Researches show that the blue light from screens can have a vast effect on the quality of your sleep. It’s the most harmful, especially if you expose your eyes to the monitor in the early morning. Sleep deprivation problems occur to a great extent when the exposure of the blue light gets higher, causing strain and uncomfortable situations.

Scientists have found in different groups that exposure to different types of light causes different situations where the blue light is the worst. However, the group with glasses that can block the blue light had lesser eye strain and better sleep.

Increased health condition

People from around the gaming communities reported that using glasses to block blue-light can yield the same result as not using the screen in the first place! Not every glass manufacturer performs the same; some do lack in the quality and capability of blocking the danger.

Depending on different brands and quality, these glasses can block the blue light from your screen from 6% to 43%. However, although your healthy eye cells can decrease by 50% after three minutes of exposure to a screen. You can block the UV ray and Blue light using special glasses and increase the healthy eye cells only by 15%! Not too shabby for a pair of glasses!

Better brain functionality

Your brain functionality goes down when you’re exposed to a screen for too long that even might cause insomnia. It’s a common phenomenon that gamers do suffer from different health issues, especially because of sleep problems and brain functionality. It’s because of the overexposure to the blue light emission from the screens you’re using.

The screen causes problems to your eyes with the light the most when you’re gaming because you’re staring at it constantly. When you’re constantly staring at the screen with fewer blinks, it affects the brain, which you can examine with pattern tests. Using blue light filtering glasses can get your comfort, make your brain tissues healthier, and help you stay safe.

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

If you look at the color spectrum of light in general, blue becomes the most dangerous. No matter what type of screen you’re staring at right now, it’s emitting the same thing with a danger to your eyes. When you wear a pair of glasses that can block the blue light coming from the screen, you’re helping yourself in the long run.

Now the reason why I’m saying, “in the long run” is, it’s not going to give you an instant result or make you a better gamer. If you’re after an instant result, the glasses may disappoint you a bit. Yes, you can expect a sleep cycle improvement after wearing for a few days, but the greater cause has years to wait. It will block the harmful lights a bit and get you a placebo effect, though, and also will keep you safe in the years to come.

What Should I Look for in Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses aren’t really “only for gamers” but anybody who sits in front of a screen for a prolonged time. Here are the reasons why I highly recommend the screen edicts to get a pair of sunglasses:

  • Prevents dry eyes: You can avoid getting dry eyes by wearing these glasses because you’re getting relief from the strain.
  • Distortion-free optics: The tint these glasses come with can get you a distortion-free view of angle with ergonomic designs.
  • Reducing glare: If your monitor has a very high level of glare, you may notice some improvement there because of the anti-glare coating in these glasses.
  • Filtration system: The first and most important job for gaming glasses is to filter out the harmful things from your field of vision. UV ray filtration, Blue light blockage

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions people ask who want to know how do gaming glasses really work:

Do Gaming glasses help with headaches?

Gaming glasses are great at blocking the blue light emission from the screen, preventing headaches from eye exhaustion caused by daily exposure to a screen for long hours.

Can you wear gaming glasses outside?

Technically, yes, you can wear gaming glasses outside, but you shouldn’t do so; it may have a negative impact as well. Gaming glasses have their purposes distinct for use for screen time.

Is it bad to play video games with glasses?

No, it’s not bad to play video games while wearing glasses; in fact, it can be beneficial to do so. Especially if you’re using gaming glasses, it can help you reduce the strain from the screen.

Final Thought

Using a screen means you’re constantly exposing yourself to the most dangerous thing you could ever get from gaming, blue light. The blue light is capable of putting you in immense danger, including the reduction of melatonin emission, eye strain, etc.

If anybody has ever suggested using a pair of gaming glasses, you must have asked, do gaming glasses really work? There are so much misinformation and over-claim for these glasses on the internet and the news. I hope these pieces of information I mentioned above will help you decide if you should get one or not.

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