The Best Ikea Desks for Gaming: Top Collections of 2021

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Have you been looking for the right gaming desks for your space? The right desk is an important addition that will be suitable for all your gaming equipment. You can opt for Ikea desks that are perfect for your gaming needs. Being one of the best furniture brands, Ikea has so many good options for you.

However, getting the best ikea desks for gaming isn’t as easy as it might sound as they have a ton of models. We have researched them to find the right gaming desk with the best of features. After looking deep into it, we have compiled a list of the best Ikea gaming desks and have reviewed each in-depth. Read ahead as we also discuss why these desks are beneficial for you!

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The Best Ikea Desks for Gaming: Top Collections of 2021 1

Ikea Computer Table with Drawers

The Best Ikea Desks for Gaming: Top Collections of 2021 1

Ikea LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers

The Best Ikea Desks for Gaming: Top Collections of 2021 3

Ikea Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

The Best Ikea Desks for Gaming: Top Collections of 2021 4

IKEA Desk, 47 Inch Wooden Computer Desk

The Best Ikea Desks for Gaming: Top Collections of 2021 5

Ikea LINNMON New Computer Desk Table

5 Best Ikea Desks for Gaming Reviews 2021

Here is our compiled list of the best Ikea desks for gaming. Read ahead as we review each in detail for you.

Best Ikea Desks for Gaming

1. Ikea Computer Table with Drawers

Ikea Computer Table with Drawers

This Ikea desk for gaming is great as it comes with multiple drawers that make for good storage options. You can place all your gaming equipment in the drawers. The black-grey desk also makes for a good backdrop as you game.

Each drawer comes with a drawer stop that prevents it from being pulled out too much. The back of each gaming computer desk Ikea is also well-finished. Hence, you can place it anywhere you like in your room.

You won’t have to worry even if the floor is uneven. The desk has adjustable feet that let you level it and place it as you please. It also has pre-drilled holes. You will even be able to screw the legs on the floor easily.

With this setup, assembling the desk is an easy job, and you can get to gaming right away.

What We Loved

This desk is on our list because of the five functional drawers that slide out very smoothly. First, the stops further prevent them from falling off the desk when you pull. If you place organizers or sensitive gaming equipment in the drawers, they will stay put as you pull the drawers.

The drawers come in different depths for your various storage needs. Plus, the adjustable table height is also a feature that gamers will enjoy.

What Could Be Better

The desk only has a top and no open slots below. It makes it difficult to keep multiple gaming consoles and monitors within sight.

2. Ikea LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers

Ikea LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers

This desk from Ikea is pleasing to the eyes and will make your gaming console belong. It’s great for anyone looking for a clean and spacious desk for their gaming needs. The drawers come in many depths and will give you ample space to store your gaming equipment.

There is enough storage space for other objects like files as well. The drawers also come with stops so that they don’t fall out if you pull them with force. It will keep your gaming equipment safe from any falls.

The desk is supported on two legs and over the drawers. They’re easy to screw in and assemble. They are also adjustable to allow you to game well on uneven spaces. You can place it against a wall like a corner table or go ahead and put it in the middle of the room.

The back of the desk is finished to allow you to position it just where you prefer.

What We Loved:

We recommend this desk because of its neat and clean aesthetics. The white finish adds the illusion of space to your gaming area. Hence, your monitor is bound to stand out when placed on this desk.

When placed against the wall, the desk also allows you to carefully hide all the cables behind the drawers. Hence, it will make your gaming area look organized.

What Could Be Better:

The tabletop of this desk is not connected to the drawers. Hence, the desk is not as secure and sturdy as it could have been.

3. Ikea Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

Ikea Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

With two drawers held in a white body, this desk is quite a good addition to a gaming setup. The drawers come with stops to prevent them from coming out of the desk as you pull. It has ample space on its tabletop to hold all of your gaming equipment well.

With a finished back, you can place it anywhere in the room as you prefer. There is ample empty space beneath the tabletop as well. You can leave it as it’s or make use of it to place gaming equipment.

The desk also comes with a built-in cable management system that keeps the cords tucked away out of sight. All sides of the desk are just as beautiful. They are smooth and not very shiny, either. You can make use of this feature to up the aesthetics of your gaming area.

What We Loved:

It’s an appealing desk because of its efficient cable-management system, which is an advantage for gamers. When you have multiple types of equipment on a single desk, the wires can get messy and tangled. It leaves the space looking unorganized.

With this desk, you won’t have to worry as all the wires can be hidden out of sight. However, they will be just within reach so that you can tweak anything you like when you prefer.

What Could Be Better:

The desk takes quite some time to figure out how to assemble the desk. An easier mechanism could save precious time. There are also not as many drawers for storage.

4. IKEA Desk, 47 Inch Wooden Computer Desk

IKEA Desk, 47 Inch Wooden Computer Desk

This desk is a great option for your gaming room. It comes in a maple white finish that makes it stand out as a unique piece in your space. You will be able to place your gaming monitors and other equipment conveniently over this spacious desk.

It comes with two drawers that are large and spacious as well. You can place some of your equipment or any other items you prefer here. There is also enough space beneath the desk for any additional items you may want to stack.

It’s one of the best Ikea computer desk options on the market as it’s sturdy and well-structured. It’s a hardy desk that is waterproof and odor-free. Hence, it won’t require too much maintenance on your part either.

The desk is also fairly easy to assemble. The finishing is precise and aesthetic to make for a well-crafted desk.

What We Loved:

We love the convenience that this desk offers to its users. The large and spacious desk can hold many of your gaming equipment. It’s also versatile enough to function as a gaming desk, office, or home desk. You can switch as you prefer.

It’s also very convenient to assemble. Hence, we recommend it for its overall functionality. The desk has also been tested for bending and deformation by using heavy weights.

Hence, it has a good load capacity, which is an important feature of a gaming desk.

What Could Be Better:

The desk could have used a few more drawers for better storage. You’ll need additional storage furniture if you want more storage space as there are only two drawers included.

5. Ikea LINNMON New Computer Desk Table

Ikea LINNMON New Computer Desk TableIf you are a gamer who prefers minimal furniture, this is the gaming desk for you. It comes in a black-brown finish with black legs. You can also opt for other colored legs if you feel like mixing and matching.

It’s fairly easy to assemble, and you just have to use the screws that come with it to attach the tabletop. The leg holes are also pre-drilled to allow easy assembly as well. The desk requires minimum care; you simply have to wipe it clean using a damp cloth.

You can also use a mild cleaner for the same. You can then wipe it dry with a clean cloth. The table also comes with adjustable legs so that you can set it just as you like while gaming. When you choose a gaming desk, adjustable features come as an advantage.

What We Loved:

The color on this gaming desk is unobtrusive so that you can focus all of your attention on gaming. We also recommend this desk because it’s very sturdy to hold onto all your gaming equipment’s weight.

It has a good load capacity to hold a hefty weight of any gaming rig you put on it. With sleek and clean lines, it’s a perfect addition to a minimalistic setup.

What Could Be Better:

The desk could have been wider for the price tag that accompanies it. Gaming can involve a lot of equipment and wires. Hence, a more spacious desk can increase the functionality of the desk. Further, the desk lacks any drawers or other storage options.

Why Should You Buy an Ikea Desk for Gaming?

If you are a gamer looking for the right desk, you should consider Ikea gaming desks for the same. They have been designed for high-performance gaming and come packed with some great features. Read ahead as we discuss why you should opt for an Ikea desk for gaming.

Spacious Gaming Desks:

The desks from Ikea can accommodate two to three monitors on a tabletop. They are hence good options for gamers who need a spacious tabletop to place all their gaming equipment.

This feature is great as it can make your gaming experience immersive and engaging. For purposes of space, you should also consider storage options. While you can place a few types of equipment on the tabletop, others will require storage.

Many Ikea desks have drawers that make them great for storing and organizing. These drawers also come up with auto stops so that it doesn’t fall off the desk if you pull hard.

Pay attention to the depth of the drawers. Deeper the drawers, the more storage space you will get.

Effective Cable Management System:

Many Ikea desks for gaming come with built-in cable management systems. When the tabletop holds monitors and consoles, there are bound to be many wires. These can get confusing and look unappealing if they are left out in the open.

Ikea desks allow for good cable management systems that will hide the cables out of sight. The system is also designed to keep the wires tucked in close to your reach. If you need to switch between cables, they will be easy to access.

Good Load Capacity:

Gaming equipment can be very heavy. Further, gamers have more than one device that they will place over the tabletop of their desks. Hence, it’s necessary to have desks with a good load capacity.

They also need to be sturdy enough to keep the weight of the equipment from shifting. Ikea desks are ideal for this as they are made from good quality materials that help keep the desk sturdy. Many gaming desks are also tested with heavy weights for bending.

Hence, they will be able to hold the weight of your equipment easily. The desks are also constructed with sturdy legs over which the tabletop can sit.

Adjustable Settings:

Gamers need some adjustable features that make it easy to shift between angles and positions as they play. You want your desk to be able to tackle slightly uneven ground. A good feature of this is height adjustability.

Ikea desks for gaming often come with adjustable legs. It makes it easier for you to pick the right height customized to the floor you are on. Hence, it allows for precise gaming.

Aesthetic Designs:

When you pick a gaming desk, unobtrusive designs can be an advantage. By avoiding too many structures over the desk, you will be able to move freely and place your gaming equipment as you please. Ikea desks for gaming have minimally designed tabletops.

Hence, they leave ample room for free movement. They also come in clean and crisp colors for blending in or standing out. Black and white are popular colors, and the finish on these desks is crisp and aesthetic.

However, they also come in interesting colors like maple white, among others. It adds subtle and unique shades to your gaming area. These set the desk apart without it coming off as obtrusive to your space.


One of the main reasons people prefer Ikea desks is because they come with various customization options. With multiple add-on units, you can design the basic style as you like. On some gaming desks, you can swap leg colors and opt for unique designs.

You will also be able to purchase add-on sets of drawers if you like a design but want more storage space. You can also pair them with similar chairs from any collection you prefer. For gamers, customizing their space can express their personalities well.

By opting for customization for their gaming area, they can make the space their own. These desks can assist you in expressing yourself.

Assembling the Desk:

You don’t want to waste precious time you can use for gaming in trying to assemble a difficult desk. Most Ikea desks allow for easy assembly. They come with pre-drilled holes in the legs for assembling them easily.

The desks also come with screws that are easy to place and use. Hence, the entire desk is easy to attach together. Most desks come packed in two boxes, which you can easily identify and attach together.

Easy to Maintain:

As gamers, you may want to keep your attention on gaming. A desk that is easy to maintain will keep you gaming better. Many Ikea desks are waterproof to be able to handle any liquid spills on the desk.

Further, you will only need to use a damp washcloth to wipe down the desk every now and then. You can then wipe it dry, and you are set to go. Use a cleaner if you prefer. You can make this a part of your equipment-cleaning routine as well.

They’re Made of fiberboard; so, cleaning any stains that develop on an Ikea gaming desk is not difficult.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a good gaming desk for your gaming area, there are several features you should pay attention to. We have listed these for you above. Ikea desks possess these features and are a perfect addition to your gaming rig.

If you want experts’ suggestions for the best overall, we’d suggest you go for the Ikea LINNMON Computer Table. It’s a spacious desk with 5 drawers on left for storing all your gaming accessories and other devices or gadgets. Besides, it has a sleek design accent to fit in any type of room you might have your setup in. On top of that, the two slim yet strong legs on the right gives the table a lot more esthetic look than any other table.

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