About Us

What is Thegamingwiki

Welcome to the Thegamingwiki. The place of heaven for every gamer. If you’re here on this site then you’re probably a gamer. Who might look for the best gaming chair or desk? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Here, on this site, we have listed the world’s best gaming chair and desk for long, short and average height gamers. To find the best gaming chair and desk of the best brands, we have formed a team of specialists, researchers, and expert gamers. 

We give our best to ensure you get the absolute products that you’re searching for on your budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tall, average, or short person, we have picked the best product of every category through deep research. We promise to give you the best suggestion in your budget and requirement. All of our efforts and success is relying upon your happiness!

Our Team

Jason Rollins

Jason is the founder of the site Thegamingwiki. He is one of the best FPS pro gamers. If you’re a gamer, you probably know his name. Jason has millions of subscribers on his youtube channel where he shares different tips and tricks with his fan followers. While communicating with different gamers around the world.

Jason discovers that most of the gamers are unable to select the best gaming chair and desk for them due to their lack of knowledge. Jason creates this site the Thegamingwiki as a solution for them. He hired a group of specialists, gamers, and researchers to work with him and together they collected, researched information for the gamers.

About Us 1

Robert E. Martinez

Robert is the head of our expert team. Basically, he is the 1st one who primarily selects the gaming chair and desk that we have selected for the gamers. He holds this position because he has a lot of experience in this category.

Before joining us he worked as a quality in charge of a very renowned gaming chair and desk manufacturing company for almost 15 years. So there is nothing he doesn’t know that a good gaming chair and desk should have to be.

Richard J. Crespo

Richard is a hardcore gamer. When he plays he plays like a monster. For Richard gaming is not his passion only, it’s his profession too! Half of the day of his time goes through gaming and for that he has every single setup.

We bring him to our team because he knows what type of gaming chair and desk a gamer really needs. From his practical experience, he knows very well what types of materials and features that a gaming chair should have to be. Richard is the leader of our research team.

About Us 2

Our Review Process

We have developed a systematic process to review the best gaming chair and desk for gamers. Everything you get on the Thegamingwiki is a result of thorough research of our whole team. Before listing any gaming chair and desk to our site, at first we look at their core features that gamers are always looking for. Once a product ensures all the core features we primarily list them in our product list.

Then our expert team analyzes the reliability and cross-check the features to find the best model of the best brands. While doing this, we have also checked 100-1000 reviews of the real buyers to get their suggestions and warnings. Besides, our specialist designed an advanced system to detect unnatural reviews. So that we can only focus on the real buyer’s reviews who had paid money for using the product. Most of the time our researcher’s team has to spend 50-100 hours on analyzing the product to provide you a complete description and buying guide.


Market Research

To provide you the best gaming chair and desk at 1st we do depth research on the market. Our research team studies every characteristic of the top-selling gaming chair and desk and then primarily lists them for the expert team. 

Identifying and Determining the Key Features

Gaming chairs and desks have some special features that separate them from regular chairs and desks. Those features are the main thing that a gamer tends to get one of them. Our specialist team identifies those core features on the listed products that we found through market research. 

Selecting Products

Once our specialist team separates the gaming chair and desk based on their core feature. We go to the primary selection process. In the selection process, we give more priority to the products that have best selling records and great user feedback. 

Review Analyzing

We believe one thing that real buyers never tell lies because they paid for the products. So before selecting the product, our team studies the reviews and generates the ideas of the real-life users. 


Every single product that is listed here goes through the ranking procedure. In the ranking procedure, we measure the product features, durability, reliability, and other characteristics and aspects. Then based on their positivity, feature, and characteristics they get ranking on our site. The best products get the higher score and the higher score products get the top rank. 

Writing Reviews

After we complete all analysis and research, we write a review of the selected products. In our review, we provide in-depth research findings and product descriptions. 

Buying Guide

Finally, we accumulated all of our research findings and provide you with a complete guideline. Through this, you can select the best model gaming chair and desk of the best brands that are able to fulfill all your requirements.